Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eurotrip dreams with my Squad

Kaido, Mark, I, Simon, Härold - Unikum

"Less friends, less bullshit. Keep your circle small."

I'm very lucky to have such good friends as I have. Mark, Härold, Simon and Kaido - squad called "Unikum". The word "uunikum" in Estonian means an unique object or some old precious car. Well, you're not supposed understand that anyway - inside jokes n shit. What I wanted to say is that those friends are my best friends - my main squad for years now. Quality over quantity - even through I have a lots of friends and I have a lot of connections, "Unikum" is the main shit, yo.

I love traveling, all of us love traveling, right? Anyway, as we all love cars, we thought that in few years when we all will be adults (Simon is the youngest) and if we started saving money right now, we could buy a decent vehicle with low fuel consuption. The fuel costs and the money for the car would be divided by 5 so it wouldn't be that much. Probably the hotels, food and parties will cost more.
The plan is to start from our hometown Viljandi and start driving towards Portugal. In Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Monaco, Milan, Venice, Prague we would make our longer stops - book a hotel, see sightseeings, party, eat in a fine resaurant, visit museums. Of course we want to camp in the nature too - survive :D. The whole trip would be about 14 000 km and take about 3 months time.
I'm going to add more thoughts about this trip soon.

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