Friday, February 5, 2016

Meeting the Prime Minister

Taavi Rõivas taking a selfie

Today, February 5th, the Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas visited our school. Some of us got the chance to meet him in person and ask him questions about politics, economy or whatever else. Our smart and beautiful student Kirke Siimso got the chance to sit down with the Minister and ask him the major questions about topics she had chosen. After Kirke had fluently asked all the questions she prepared the audience got the opportunity to ask something.
As the Prime Minister mentioned that in primary school the questions had been "What car you drive?" or smth like this, my schoolmate asked for fun "What's the best fast-food restaurant in Estonia?" and  Rõivas replied to that question ordinarily like it wasn't the first time someone asked that. He also said to us to not mention burgers to his little daughter because she would immediately "require" a Hesburger then - humor is a great thing. I liked that Rõivas made the audience laugh but also spoke about some problematic issues in Estonian politics and economy. He asked us which is the most expensive construction in Estonia and surprisingly no one knew this - the answer was Narva Power Plant which cost about 650 million € - now I'm one fact smarter again. There were questions about legalizing marijuana which Rõivas obviously didn't support and told us to stay away from that because it's the gateway drug which leads to ever worse drugs - I believe it's true. We talked about energetics and renewable energy. He also told us to not plan things too much, just do what you do the best you possibly can, he didn't plan of becoming a Prime Minister.
By the end, I think the lecture was very interesting and educational. It was nice to see the Prime Minister in person - great day.

"The secret of getting things done is to act!" - Dante Alighieri

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