Sunday, February 14, 2016


Karlis, Mariel, Kristel, I

Again, a week has passed by and I'm writing a new blog post. This weekend was all about making girls look even more pretty than they usually are (seems like mission impossible, right?). Anyway, we were doing this because Karlis and I are part of the football club called FC Hälvikud (FC Retarded in English) and we wanted to show our fans that except doing sport, we can also make miracles on a girl's face with our make-up skills. The video will be published soon but until that be sure to LIKE FC Hälvikud on Facebook and SUBSCRIBE to us on Youtube if you haven't done this already. I'm going to write a post about FC Hälvikud some day - how it all started, who's in the team etc.

A father with his son

Before we filmed the video, we also went dining (Mark, Laura, Kaido, Mariel, Härold, Kristel & I) and went to see the handball game where Simon played and ofc scored a sh*tload of goals. Also Mark took some deep photos on the way.

Mark Drõgin's Photography

The gesture is directed towards the photographer not You


Happy Valentine's Day