Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TB - Kabli beach & friends

Mark, Härold and I
Mark Drõgin's Photography
I was just listening to some of the songs me and my friends listened to in the summer and now I f-ing miss summer so much. I'm so tiiired of wearing jacket and I miss being topless :D. Anyway I started browsing through my old pictures and found some great pics of me and my friends.
In August we went camping to Kabli beach (located by the Baltic sea) and stayed there for 3 days. I, Härold, Mark, Kaido and Triinu drove there the first day but Kellyly and Birgit came the second day. It was really fun, firstly we had to find ourselves a perfect spot to put our tents up to, so one man who was holding his beer was really kind to show us his favorite place where he usually camps. After a long walk he showed us the spot and asked us if we could give him one beer. Yes, we had some beers with us, so we gave the good man a bottle of beer.

Triinu thinking about her life
So, the first day, evening, the pic above is taken while we were sitting by the campfire, listening to some music and chatting. It was really nice and quiet - chill. We ate our marshmellows and sausages and went to sleep.
The following day we woke up and Kellyly and Birgit had arrived. They put their tent up and we went swimming, we swam and sunbathed half a day. Birgit took her hookah and we smoked, listened to music and talked to eachother - hmm.. how I miss all that. We went to a local cafe and ate there, played volleyball, football. At night, we drank a little bit, did hookah and chilled. I can't describe how awesome it was. Everything was perfect.

Our "Mexican ladiesman" Kaido
Last day the weather started going worse. Saw some rain clouds and we thought it's time to head home. Didn't really wanna go but had to. Packed our bags, cleared the campsite, went for our last swim, headed home.
Like I said, I can't really put the epicness of this into words. Also I couldn't find any pics of Kellyly or Birgit, probably because most of our pics were took on the first day. I'm gonna add one bad-quality picture of the whole squad except Härold here which was taken after the trip.

The most rear one is Birgit, the blonde girl smiling is Kellyly, then there is Triinu showing a peace sign, Mark looking away from the camera, the picture taker is Kaido and then there's me, yo

"Miami Vice"

Summer vibes

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