Sunday, March 6, 2016

Birthday girl

"You don't get older, you get better." - Shirley Bassey

Hi everyone! It's been almost a week since the last post. Anyway, I had an amazing week. Like I said in last post, I went for a 12 km run around Lake Viljandi, well, I did the same thing on Tuesday only faster. The whole run was 12,5 km long and my time was 1h 15min. The time is really pleasing for me and all thanks to my friend Markus, who ran faster than I would've ran alone and due that he kept my pace up.


Well, the main event this week was my wonderful friend Kellyly's birthday party. Before the party I thought it was about time to go to the hairdresser's. Later, I and Mark went to the party. As we always have liked Michael Bay movies, we made a hell of a entrance. As we gave the gift, the gift bag broke and everything fell onto the ground - yeah, our bought expensive wine bottle just broke, only glass shards left of it. Although, the beginning of the evening wasn't such as we mabye planned, the later night was splendid. Kellyly promised to "try" alcohol on her 18th birthday and she redeemed her promise x). Good thing was that besides dancing after nowadays pop songs, we listened Ray Charles and Elvis Presley and did some classical moves too. We even took some pictures, not many, but enough to capture the mood of the party.

 My beautiful dance partner Merit

 With Kati, Triinu and birthday girl Kellyly

Party up!

 Mark & Rait, alright?

Birgit & Kati

Well today, I discovered that I had a glass shard in my toe - karma for cracking the wine bottle.. :D But that didn't stop me from playing football with friends. Little sport done, I went dining with Mark, Kaido and Simon and after that went home. Here I am again. :) Bye for now!

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