Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sweet cinnamon

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light." - Helen Keller

Well, do you want to know what's the weirdest weird movie ever? No, right? :D "The Brothers Grimsby" is the title of the movie that I went to see with my friends on Friday. The leading role was played by Sacha Baron Cohen - known for "Borat" and "The Dictator". The movie had lots of "straight outta ass" jokes but I still loved it. Actually I didn't plan to go to the cinema, I was just jamming with two of my friends Merili and Mark at my place and some of my classmates texted me and asked if I wanted to drive with them to Pärnu and watch something - I was like, yeah, why the hell not. After the film we were like, woah, what the f- was that. Sorry for the language, but that's how it was. Also we went to McDonald's and after that headed back home.

 Merili, Mark and I swapped our faces

 Günther's car in Pärnu

Saturday was also quite interesting, I even read a book, not gonna tell what book yet. Trying to finish it before. Later, my familia and I went to my uncle's birthday party. So much food.. mm.. Wished him best luck, reminded him that he got EVEN older now and asked him how he likes his mid-life crisis. x) Humor. I wasn't at the party for a long time, I met up with Kaido, Mark and Merili and we went to Mark's place and had a great karaoke night with some cheap wine.

The best thing about birthdays - FOOD

Typical Mark - harassing x)

Hat on point

Call me

Now, Sunday, that's the best day of the week 'cus my sweeeeet granny came to visit me. She brought my favorite cinnamon rolls and I made coffee and we had a little chat. Quality time :).


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