Monday, March 21, 2016

Vice City

"Party hard, make mistakes, laugh endlessly. Do things you're afraid to do. After all, you're only young once."

I love parties, especially birthday parties of my great friends. The picture above is taken of me and two birthday stars Joonas and Karl. The party was retrostyled, so we dressed up in 80's fashion and listened to ABBA, Michael Jackson and many more like them. Joonas got 20 and Karl 22 years old - I feel like a small child between them. 

I, Marleen, Meriliis and Madis - party mood = superb

Punk on point - Joonas & Triin

My comrade Kevin, thinking about history

We danced, played beer pong, ate, drank - it was awesome. We played beer pong and I was in team with Kaido, we won the first game but unfortunately lost the second one. I felt like a professional sportsman because we even had a commentator for the game. He asked me who or what I would like to thank for and I replied "Mom, dad and beer" - life ye. 

Match in progress, Kaido throwing the ball, Johannes commentating

VICE - violence, sex & drugs

Kristjan and Emilia

I don't know why am I so sad when I have two good-looking girls on both of by hands

 Johanna & Karl                                                              Härold "Lennon" Välba

Actually my weekend started with not very interesting Red Cross lecture. I went there because it's needed to be completed to get my driver's license. The first lecture was on Friday and the second one was on Saturday. Even through the lectures were protracted, I still managed to make new friends - Ken, Aveli and Kaisa. By the end, I can tell that I'm happy that I attended the lectures.

Taking a break from saving lives

Little bit about the beginning of the week too. It was my teacher's birthday and our class wished him happy birthday by giving him one of the most delicious cakes. His last name is Iro and everyone makes jokes about his name - how IROnic etc, so we put on his cake "42-ain't Ironic?". Also we got our class's pictures, you can see them below. 

             Ain with the cake                                                  Pictures of my class

Well, that was one of my longest posts, maybe even the longest. Right now, it's Sunday, I'm writing the post and listening to retro music (Europe - TheFinal Countdown at the moment) :D. 

Mark the Photographer

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