Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekend or smth

"For some people, Easter means a second chance."

It's absolutely great to get sick just before the weekend arrives. Actually, things aren't that bad. On Monday and Tuesday, my schoolday was pretty awesome because as I study in Viljandi Gymnasium, I got the chance to introduce the school to the students that are coming to our school next year. On Monday, I had two of my friends Merili and Simon with me for the whole schoolday. Some of the classes at the end of the day were cancelled and it was kinda sad 'cus we had much fun. On Tuesday, my fellow blogger Mariel was the one who had to stay the whole day with me. Those days were way more interesting than the usual schooldays because I felt like a boss and even got them to do my schoolwork x).

The Ultimate "GET WELL" Package

But the darker side of the week.. I got sick and the biggest issue is that I'm suppose to go to a surgery on next Tuesday but I can't go if I'm sick and have a fever. So I spent the whole weekend mostly sleeping and taking meds. However, Kristel and Laura visited me and gave me some "healing" energy and we watched a horror movie, so thankfully, I got some joyous company for some time.

At least I didn't starve

Last thing - Happy Easter! Eggs crushed and eaten, also, I even feel better now, let's hope I'll get well. :)

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