Tuesday, April 12, 2016


"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today." - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

It's already Tuesday, I've been so busy this week. Summer is getting closer and closer, finally winter is coming to an end - been waiting for that. My leg is slowly getting better and I had a great weekend too thanks to that.

The funniest thing that happened was that on Saturday I took a bus to Tallinn with my friends and one guy who sat next to us was really drunk and even maybe even more than drunk. He tried to socialize with us which is nice but he kept repeating that had to pee and out of nothing he started to pee into an empty bottle he had with him. He did it right next to us and the next thing he did was that he tried to flirt with 2 of my friends, told one of them how great her "bombs" are.. - charming isn't he?


Almost as spicy as it was tasty

Anyway, we went shopping and had a lunch in a restaurant called Chi. The food there was absolutely delicious and spicy. The girls with me and Simon won 2 VIP tickets to a boxing event and we wanted to go there too but we ran into "complications" with the place where we had to stay for the night. Thanks to that, we headed home and left 2 of our friends behind to enjoy the match.


On Sunday, grandma visited me and as I couldn't live without my friends, they came to my place and we had an awesome barbeque evening. The negative side of the evening was that my friends ate half of my cinnamon rolls that my grandma brought me.

Sunday's Grill party

Moooore food = moooore happiness

Getting the ladies with Simon since we were born

The next week is going to be the long-waited one-week holiday but right now I have to study, bye!

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