Wednesday, April 20, 2016


"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." - Robin Williams

Spring break is on and I've already celebrated the birthdays of my two great friends. The first birthday party was so wild that unfortunately I have no pictures of it. The birthday kid got 18 and he got his first girlfriend from the party, the girl is a blow up doll but hole is a hole, right? Just kidding. :D

Well, on Saturday, still recovering from the hangover I almost slept in for the interview that I was supposed to go. I'm maybe going to start with my first official app developer job but only maybe. It would be a great experience for me as I want to make living with programming and designing in future.

Mark getting ready for the competition - Simple Session isn't far

The weekend went pretty fast, too fast to be honest but thank God it's holiday. Kaido's birthday on Sunday was more like a chill n grill evening - sauna, grill and a shot to celebrate his successful aging. The only issue was that I couldn't go to sauna with others 'cus my birthmark which I got removed isn't fully recovered yet. As a gift we gave him a box (ULTIMATE ADULT KAIDO STARTER KIT) which had a special beer, bunch of condoms, toy car, some cash and a card with poem and prostitute's phone nr written in it. But as Kaido is 18 and has a beard which makes him look decades older he can now join the Dollar Beard Club where he will suit perfectly.

Change of style, hot as fk

Sauna and beer

 The birthday kid himself

 Selfie with Simon and Kristjan

Drõginbro 1 

Drõginbro 2

The last few days have been really sleepy and in an hour I have a driving test - wish me luck!


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