Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A hog-killin’ time

"If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'."

So many things going on and so few time to write the post about the events. On Friday, for the second time an event called Velokulg took place in my tiny hometown Viljandi. The event courages people to take their bicycles out and have a ride with hundreds of people all together. The circuit was about 15km long. Unfortunately, I didn't participate in this year's ride but I volunteered to help. I & few other offered headlights, taillights and bike bells to people who didn't have these on their bikes. After the riders finished, we gave the exhausted ones some food and drinks so they could recover.

Photos taken by Kris Süld

Photos taken by Silver Tõnisson

Saturday wasn't really easier - I got two birthdays that I didn't wanna miss. Two of my amigas reached the age of majority - Merit and Loora. Loora's birthday party was country-themed and Merit's in Grammys style.

"Cows ain't milking themselves, get to work woman!"


The only excuse why there aren't many pictures of the parties is that the events were too damn wild 'n' crazy to capture them on the camera. Made some new acquaintances and had a great time. The weekend ended with some work at home and a little family grill n chill evening. Awesome!
The only pics I have from Merit's birthday :D

My friend Stefan, ye man 

The birthday girl 

High five

A hog-killin’ time

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