Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ride 'n' Grind 2K16

"Hopefully, kids realize you can do anything you want. Skateboarding can be that gateway." - Ryan Sheckler

Yeah! Simple Session 16 was overwhelmingly good. On Friday I took the train to Tallinn and went to the job interview for upcoming summer because I need to earn some money to buy my own camera and a car. The interview was in English and I think it went quite well. Next up, I went to Old Town and as I had Mark's camera with me I took some pictures. I reunited with an old friend and later Mark, Kaido and Simon came to Tallinn too.

Birds sing, photographer smiles

On Saturday, the qualification day of the Session began. Watching how people skate and ride made me wanna learn these things too - really thrilling to watch. Sadly, just before the end of the qualification Kyle Baldock fell right onto his head. His ride was great until that crash, he drove the crowd really crazy - no surprise he had the potential to win the Session. Medics took him away and later we were said that thankfully he was okay.

The guy with the glasses in the middle Adrien Bulard was also very skilled

Nose manual grinding at it's finest

Unfortunately none of the Estonians qualified for the Finals. Everything was epic - all the 360's, hardflips, frontflips, even crashes were breathtaking to watch. Even managed to find my favorite skater and BMX rider and take a picture with them.

Kechaud Johnson with his fab pink cap 

Kechaud finished 2nd and I liked him 'cus his jumps went really high. His airtime was cool to watch and pinky cap always shined so everyone could see him.

Favorite BMX rider Courage Adams - the name Courage says it all

Courage's riding style was unique, he is more like a street BMX rider. His nose manual to 360 to manual to bars were really awesome to watch. The crowd loved him and his ultra combos.


Furthermore, I made a new friend Hanna and I got the chance to try her longboard - it was awesome! Like my friend Simon often says: "Damn, life is good." There was a challenge with a balance board by PULS Nutrition. You had to stay in balance for 20 sec at least to get 1 protein bar for free, I managed to hold myself on the board for 43 sec - yea. The protein bars were absolutely delicious.

Feeling great

Every day, before we went to sleep we played some cards and ate at McDonalds, sadly, every evening. Fun weekend, can't describe it!

Absolutely not bluffing 

The final selfie

Ride 'n' grind, bi***es

Also, check out the short video my friend Mark did. The link is right over heeeeeere!

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