Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wolves & bunnies

"Summer has filled her veins with light and her heart is washed with noon." - C. Day Lewis

Long time no see. The weather outside is so sunny and warm that I haven't got the time to write about my thoughts lately. Almost a week ago I went to Sillamäe with a group of people from my school. We went there because we are going to have a camp in Otepää in June and we met the lads who are coming with us. Anyway, we had much fun there and I managed to make some new homies.

My group in Sillamäe - "11 hunti" (t. 11 wolves)

The previous weekend was quiet. Enjoyed the weather, played basketball, my friend Kaido bought himself a BMX and he promised to learn some tricks during the upcoming summer.

Kaido on his new bike 

Mark, the ex-scooterrider and currently skater, tryin' out the BMX

Footjam whip 

Bunny hop

After the Sillamäe trip I made a new admirable friend. She is really fun to hang with because we could talk about almost anything - from conspiracy theories to Donald Trump vs Kanye West comparison, we even talked about Sims 3 (yes, unfortunately, I'm an ex-sims nolifer). Also, she could talk about astrology for hours, thanks to her I even started to believe in astrology because she predicted pretty much things about me knowing only my Zodiac sign.


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