Thursday, June 23, 2016


"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" - Audrey Hepburn

You know, I thought that my summer holiday will be more relaxing but nope - I'm so busy. Many of my friends turn 18 and I want to celebrate with them, I have 2 jobs for the summer to choose from, I STILL haven't got the pics of the camp and the final thing - I got a 2nd place in a game designing contest. The 2nd place got a pair of bluetooth headphones and an 8-hour game designing course. I'm really happy about it and I'm looking forward to receiving my prizes and bringing my game idea to life. If you want to hear more about my game and be a part of making it then comment or message me.

The name of my game is Ali's Legacy

Last Saturday, my friend Sten threw a birthday party in his country house. The party was spectacular. Sauna, barrel sauna (not sure how it's written in English :D), swimming, grilling, drifting and some shots made the party really cool and we all had much fun.

 Work hard, party harder

Raul aka Speed

The following day I went to Tartu. I went to my sister's and we had some chats about things we've done lately.

Mi hermana y yo

On Monday, I had my first workday. I thought about doing some physical work for a month and then going on a trip or buying a camera. I met a cool co-worker at the job and I learned that he's only 19 and already has his own company where he and his friend design websites. I'm still in high school and still not sure what I'm going to do in future life. :D

No words needed

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