Monday, August 1, 2016


 "The person who receives the most favors is the one who knows how to return them." - Publilius Syrus

Last post until Weekend, yeah! I'm so excited for Weekend festival, just can't wait to dance and scream myself to death already. We're going to vlog the festival with my fellow-blogger Mariel so you better look forward to it! :D

Triin 18

My classmate Triin recently turned 18. I know I promised to make pics of Mark's birthday party but I forgot. Both parties were awesome. I saw my classmates who I hadn't talked to since school and I had a chat with my good friend Merit (the one with pink hair and pink skirt XD). It was nice.

Didn't see the photographer

We also went to see a movie Lights Out with mah friends. The film was hair-raising because it had so many jumpscares in it and most of us hadn't seen a scary movie in a cinema before. We went drag-racing (not really but yeah) and took some top drawer pics. Karlis even managed to push his car to the limits - the clutch of the car started to act weirdly after some drift and drag sessions. But we got home so it's OK at least for us. :D

The Golf Gang 

We can pretty much see who's the normal one in here

 Credit goes to Mark Drõgin photography

Viljandi is my sweet little hometown as some of you know. My town is quite well-known due a festival called Folk. It's like Oktoberfest but with folk music. We had great time there and I helped my friend Karl to set up his hookah lounge Jookah in there. It was nice to chill and offer people the best hookah in Viljandi.

 The furniture was the biggest attention-magnet

Deep Mark

My friend Elerin 

 Having a great time

People from Tallinn who came to folk

A small boy performing on the street

 Kermo with the young ladies

Many people photographed us too 


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