Saturday, August 27, 2016


"Actually, the moment of victory is wonderful, but also sad. It means that your trip is ended." - Bill Toomey

Omg, it's almost time to go back to school. There are school-themed commercials everywhere and I still feel like the summer just began.
Few days ago I went to Tallinn with my friend (and dancepartner) Merit, her sista Laura and my new friends Rauno & Kirsika. I was just bored of being at home all day so the day went much brighter when I got the chance to go to Tallinn with them. While we were driving we exchanged our thoughts about Weekend festival with Merit and Laura. The festival was so huge that I only saw them once during the three days I spent in Pärnu. When we finally arrived, we went shopping and I bought myself some new fresh kicks and a Suicide Squad t-shirt (I still haven't seen the actual movie but many have said that the shirt itself is better than the movie :D). We weren't happy about the shopping-all-day-thing with Rauno and we tried not to cry too much. Later, we dropped off Laura because she was going to Denmark the following day. When we were driving back to Viljandi we suddenly decided to visit Rummu. The weather was superb at the moment we planned this - fog and sunset at the same time looked glorious. But when we arrived the sun had already went down and it was too dark to take the pictures, sadly. In overall, the trip was awesome because I don't see Merit too often and it's always great to see her and have a talk about the stupid things we've been doing lately.

Top of the hill - posing with Merit

Top quality pictures

 Quite scary, isn't it?

The next day I woke up and again went to Tallinn, this time by train. I met up with my friends from the media seminar I recently attended. When I waited for Mery-Ly, some foreigners came to me and started talking about their religion. Even though I'm not religious I heard them out and broadened my horizons a bit I guess. After that we went for a coffee with Mery-Ly and had some quality time together. We went to a bar where she works and I made a new aquintance in there who liked my shirt I bought the previous day so much that she wanted to buy/take/steal it from me. Now I know that if I ever have a need to have a glass of whiskey with ice, I go to Route 13. The American atmosphere over there is astonishing, splendid.

Route 13

After that we met up with Julia, Ilona and Andrei and before going to the movies had a coffee with them and reminded the "old times" when we were at the camp. We watched Bad Moms and it was freaking hilarious. I'm not a fan of comedies but it was really funny, you better watch it. I rate it 8 out of 10. 8 because it was funny but like I said, I'm not a fan of the comedy genre. After the film I ran to the old town to get the keys to the apartment I had to stay the night at. That was right after we sent Julia, Ilona and Andrei onto the bus. Finally, we went to Route 13 because you know, Life is a Highway. I had a whiskey with ice and we had a chat with some people. Groovy.

The Real Suicide Squad 


The morning after

The next day I went back to my sweet hometown and met up with my best friends and as you know me, I like to talk about myself, eh. :D They had to listen all the crap I had done in Tallinn. Right now, I'm writing this post in Kristel's laptop. I'm with my friends but while they're having fun and all the laughs, I'm being a total computer whiz by writing this post. :D

Computer Whiz


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