Monday, September 12, 2016


"Why so serious?" - Joker

The first schoolweek has finally ran into an end. The week went slowly but it was really cool to see my classmates again. It's my final year in high school so I thought about taking everything from it - I signed up for a choir, two different dance lessons and a career development class. But why did I take two dance lessons? You can blame it on my dance partner Margaret who somehow managed to convince me to join her in folk dance lessons too. I only wanted to take classes in social dancing like rumba, samba, waltz because I think these dance styles will be useful to know in later life and I really like these styles. In conclusion, my schoolweeks are going to be too damn busy. Considering how lazy person I am, I don't know how I'm going to handle the pressure.

The Heavy Metal Band

Couple days ago, I had a tiny little "picnic" with my friends. I don't know if I can call it a picnic because the only food we had there was Nutella but we didn't need anything more. We just thought that we should get out of the town and just be somewhere where it's quiet and relax before the next schoolday begins.


It's good to have good friends with who I can always have a nice time

Furthermore, my classmate Brigita recently threw a birthday party. It was a costume party where the party attendees had to dress up as a comic or cartoon character. Me, myself & I dressed up as Joker. I had Merili to put a make up on me and I took some colorful clothes from my mother's closet. We also tried to dye my hair green but since we had so few time, the dyeing didn't go so well and my hair weren't really green. But still, the make-up was lit thanks to Merili! The make up was perfect till I went to sauna, then the scary make-up went even more scarier. Like Merit and Triin said to me - "Now you know what is it like to be a woman." We also went skinny dipping and ate a lot. Mark was dressed up as Batman so I ofc kicked his ass too. The following morning we played some table tennis and I helped the ones who unfortunately had a hangover.

 My special lady

Why so serious?

Let's put a smile on that face! 

Joker with glasses, something new

Still unbeatable



Yesterday, it was Grandparents Day and I visited my granddad who talked about his trip to Norway. He also gave me some Norwegian Krones so now I have to visit Norway myself too. I also went to see my grandmother who served me some cake and as always, it was really delicious.

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