Friday, September 23, 2016

Wooden leg

"I don't love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful." - Natalie Portman

It's been a while again. I haven't been able to make a post because I've been really busy studying and organizing an equestrian competition with two of my schoolmates. I'm going to write about the event in the next post because we haven't got photos of the contest from the photographer yet. Anyway, pretty much everything in school goes quite well right now, actually it went until now. My average grade right now is 5.0 - a mathematics test, a biology presentation and a laboratory work of chemistry, all went really fine. But today, just before I started making this post, I had to do an English test. Let's just say it went south. It was one of the hardest English tests I've ever had - the vocabulary and structures of the clauses there were horrifyingly difficult. Now I find my dream of studying abroad ridiculous.
Found the following poem when I was helping Merili with physics at her place. Not a fan of poetry but this one's golden.


kui mõte on vaimutoit
siis tasub eelkõige
mõelda taimedest
kaladest ja lindudest
inimestest mõtlemine

on kannibalism

- Margo Vaino, 100%

I'm sure that my English isn't good enough to translate it as perfectly as it's written in Estonian

Talking about my dancing experience so far: folk dancing lessons have been hard for me because I've never danced folk before and Margaret is giving me a hard time due that, social dancing is thankfully something that I'm quite familiar with, also because Margaret couldn't come to dance with me in that class, I'm dancing with Liisa instead. But what can I do, they're both better dancers than I am. A characteristic word which Marga described my dancing skill with was "puujalg" (in En. "wooden leg") - that's how "great" I am. x)

Busy with dancing (Ingrid & Margaret on the pic), jogging till I'm breathless (like you can see on the picture) and spending time with my bro

I only have one thought that I want to share with you left. So far, I've been using this blog to impress my optimistic and positive side. I have a Twitter account in Estonian to show that my life isn't really that fun and great as it seems from the blog, I want people to understand it. I like to write about the good things happening in my life, it's like I re-experience them. That's all, have a good day! :)

A song which describes my current mood perfectly

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