Friday, October 28, 2016


"Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter." - Satchel Paige

My birthday party was awesome! There were over 30 people and even though it felt like my house was being bulldozed, it was totally worth it. Actually, the situation wasn't as crazy as I'm describing here but I had to clean the house after the party and it took me about 2 hours (even though I had Liisa and Karmen to help me). The presents I got were brilliant - for example the girls squad on the picture below gave me a jar where I should start collecting my college funds, it was one of the most motivational gifts I've ever got. The only thing always missing on my birthdays is the right weather or season - why wasn't I born in summer? However, the event was superb and I'd like to thank everyone who came. Thanks to Mark (as always) I have some great photos of the party.

Photobombing myself in

Red Lips

Kristel & Laura

Beautiful people

Elerin came all the way from Finland to attend my party. Sweet!

 Ingrid & Kristjan

Ice cold

Yey! Happy birthday to me!

I got the best gift from my parents. I've never had an iPhone but I've always wanted to have one. With their help I bought myself an iPhone 7 Plus and I'm feeling bloody satisfied about it. Finally, I can take some good-looking pictures with my phone without bothering my professional photographer Mark. My previous phone served its time well. The two pictures below were taken with my FRESH phone.

 Quality time with someone special

My presents - the drinks are gonna stay there for awhile now until my stepdad drinks them

My school holiday has been great so far. I've been keeping myself quite busy - I visited my sister in Tartu, attended a 3D-modelling/printing course, went to a restaurant and decided to take part in a short film which you'll be seeing soon. Can't tell you everything just yet.

Had a sushi night with my sister

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