Monday, October 3, 2016

The Reds

"You have to execute. You have to sacrifice your body." - Pedro Martinez

We have this tradition in our school which our teachers aren't really fond of. It's a fun event where all the newcomers are dressed up as foxes and basically obliged to obey their ''masters'' which would be us, the seniors. Giving the ''foxes'' hard time would perhaps be an understatement because some of the stuff they have to go through is frankly quite gross. I was supposed to be the lord of two foxes though one of them was a bit freaked out by the oddities that he may have had to do and skipped school that day. Thankfully, the other one had more guts and even brought me chocolate to show who's the boss! It was a delightful day and in the end I had a lot of fun (whether or not my fox felt the same way is unguaranteed). ''Rebaste ristimine'' as we call the event has never been a piece of cake for new students here and this year was never going to be any different!

With my slave

Emotions after this day

Stefan down after having a contact with a fox with rabies

Lord Kristjan with Simon the Red

What a wonderful day

You can see how happy I am to see her suffer

There have been so much going lately but sadly I just can't write about everything. Talking about an event which occured 2 weeks ago already, Tour d'ÖÖ (Tour de NIGHT) - what is it? The answer is simple, it's about riding bikes when the sun has gone down. Events like this make my hometown really cozy and pleasant to live in.

#VLND, took by Silver Tõnisson

So, what else did I want to talk about? As some of you might know, I haven't been doing much sport lately so that means I should be out of shape, ye? Well, I approved myself the opposite on last Thursday. I took part of the local 3000m cross-country race and finished 2nd in high school men's run (10min 41sec). Wonder, if I had been training for the run properly, would I've won the gold medal then?


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