Monday, November 21, 2016

From a Smokey Bar

"Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future." - Robert H. Schuller

Well, well, well. Visiting Skype was awesome. I was certain that the job shadowing day was going to be awesome in the previous post and I was right, it was cool. At first when I arrived, I was little bit nervous but it went away in a short time. My shadower was Rene who has been a software engineer in the company for over 10 years. He showed me around and explained how his regular day looks like. I learned that even though I'm interested in studying IT, the job won't be for me. As I find myself pretty social person, I couldn't imagine myself behind the desk all day. The building had of course lots of computers in it and what I really liked was the leisure room. Why? Because it had a ping pong table in it. Competitive as I am, I couldn't possibly leave Skype without competing with its employees. But don't think my day was easy, I had to solve a small programming task too. I mentioned in my letter to Skype that I know Python programming language and due that I had to use the language to solve the issue given to me. I succeeded. Later, I thanked Rene for showing me around and I met up with Liisa again (we both attended the job shadowing day). We shared our impressions of the day and took a train back to our hometown.

Made it! 

Coffee keeps the mind sharp and code running 

Microsoft Cyber Security aka MSFT Fraud Bu$ter$

Sad news! My video card broke down - I can't play FIFA anymore.. My glasses broke - I had to cancel my student shadowing day due that..
Enough of that sad stuff! My weekend was nice too. On Friday, I had a quiet coffee evening with Margaret, Mark and Caspar at my place. On Saturday, we had a small get-together with Mark, Kaido, Karlis, Kristel and Laura at Kaido's. We shared our thoughts and it the night turned out to be wonderful.

We've always had multiple common interests with Mark

Karlis & Kristel 

Laura doesn't seem impressed

From a Smokey Bar

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