Monday, November 14, 2016

Sports cars

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle." - Marilyn Monroe

School weeks are going really fast, weekends even faster. I've been enjoying winter at max power. Couple days ago, when I was at home doing schoolwork, Margaret, Karmen and Liisa invited me out to sledge with them. At first, I was like nope because lately I've been trying to focus more on my studies but I changed my opinion because I had been studying all day long and needed to turn off my brain for some time. It was way more fun than I thought it would be, it brought back some heart-warming memories from my childhood. Winter isn't really my thing, I hate skiing and ice-skating because I'm terrible at these but you don't have to be good at sledging to enjoy it. Also, ofc I love Christmas too!!

Three little ones with their sports cars

Besides that, I went to a 2-day choir camp. It was really fun and I met some new people. The two days I spent there were exhausting yet really entertaining. Our choir really needed this camp because the group of people we have in our choir is so large that we still don't know eachother enough. The chemistry between us isn't gonna work fluently if we aren't friends with each other.

Quiz time! 

Singing time! 

Socializing time!

Also, I went to a hairdresser today, it was about damn time I was told. However, the coolest day of this week is going to be Thursday. For me, it's a job shadowing day and I'm going to visit Skype Inc. Can't wait!

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