Saturday, December 31, 2016


"Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection." - Winston Churchill

It's Christmas and New Year's Eve that's on our minds right now. Christmas was joyful as always and besides spending quality time with mi familia, I shared Christmas happiness with my friend Merili too. My mom finally told my brother that Santa Claus doesn't exist but yea, he knew that already. Furthermore, I restarted my gym membership because you know after Christmas I have to lift those extra kilos down.
Before going to a 2-week holiday, I attended a school ball. The party was themed after cartoons and dresscode was also some cartoon character. I dressed myself up as Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. and when I arrived I saw something inevitable - most of the guests didn't follow the dresscode rules and came in suits and dresses. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one dressed up like a mascot of a football game. There were a few others. At the ball, we also won 3 Oscars with our film.

Tšoba, Erik and I - "Focus"

On stage

The ball or prom or sth

However, talking more about the 24th. After reading poems to Santa with my family, I met up with Merili and we went to my place. We had an awesome night with Merili. We stayed up till 7 a.m - the night mostly consisted of singing, dancing and talking. We had some weirds thoughts about going to swim because we thought it would've been memorable Christmas if we went swimming that day. Fortunately, we were smart enough to not get ourselves sick for the remaining holiday. It was one of the best Christmas I've ever had.

The pictures I gave to my friends and family for Christmas


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