Friday, December 9, 2016


"Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley." - Theodore Roethke

I'm trying really hard to stay in my post per week schedule and even though I've been really active and done many things lately which I wanna talk about in my blog, I find it really hard to use the spare time I have to make a new blog post. I'm just so tired of school, why can't the winter holiday start already? The week has been really hard for me because all of the sudden we had a huge English vocabulary test on Tuesday and 3 tests on Thursday. The English test was quite difficult but I managed to pass the test with a casual 4. The Thursday wasn't really easier but enough of that sad shiet.

Does Santa's magic elf visits your home too?

Meanwhile, one of my best friends aged. Merili got older, yehuu - not enough to drink and drive (you never get old enough to be allowed to drink and drive at the same time) but she got 16, jeez what a child, right? :D Actually, I just feel old when I'm helping the girl with her physics..

We had a nice walk and talk with these guys + Mark 


That's how messed up my weeks are right now

But before all that, on last Friday, I visited Teeviit 2016 which is an education fair with my friend Sten. I enjoyed the event and even saw some of my friends with who I attended the media seminar in summer. I learned more about volunteering and studying abroad, these topics are really important for me because I'm thinking about studying abroad and furthermore I'm having thoughts about doing voluntary work after high school but that's unlikely to happen because education comes first for me.

Teeviit 2016 

After 5 hours of walking around and seeking for advice, our stomachs insisted on a pizza

If you haven't seen the picture I worked on for a couple of hours then here it is. Make sure to like it on my Facebook page too!


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