Monday, February 13, 2017


"He played the king as if afraid someone else would play the ace." - John Mason Brown

Simple Session 17 was top notch! After last year's Simple Session I knew that I'm definately going to attend the event again in 2017. Our squad UNIKUM - Kaido, Mark, Simon, Härold & I; we were thrilled. We went to Tallinn by train and as we stayed again at Mark and Simon's older brother and his friends' house, I had that Deja Vu feeling when we arrived. We went to Tallinn on Friday, right after school. Simple Session's qualifications started on Saturday. I kept my fingers crossed for my favorite skaters and riders. Unfortunately none of the Estonians qualified for the finals and neither did my favorite street BMX rider Courage Adams. My favorite skaters Kechaud Johnson and Beaver Fleming both qualified for the finals and I managed to take a picture with Kechaud again (check out the last year's post too). It was awesome to shake hands and tell him "Nice riding, man!" At first we were with our guys' group but our friend from Tallinn also joined us. Hanna is the skater fan-girl I'm talking about and she also brought her friend Kayli with her who also seemed to be very nice. Later, after we arrived at our crib, we had some beers and played Guitar Hero - it was lit.

Kechaud Johnson back again with another pink cap

Guitar Hero 

Usually, the photographer stays behind the camera

Finals were even more heart-pounding. Kechaud's finals didn't go as well as I hoped for. I'm pretty sure that he wasn't satisfied either. He finished 9th and Beaver 6th. Beaver shined bright when it was time for the Skate Best Trick contest. He managed to surprise the crowd and judges with his technical skills and earned lots of cash thanks to that.

Grindin' that rail real good 

@ Saku Suurhall

Unikum (Kaido is missing)

It was interesting to watch BMX street but it wasn't the same without Courage Adams. Last year he just ACED IT. BMX park on the other hand is always the most emotional and frightering to watch. I'm a huge fan of Peraza brothers and because only Kevin Peraza qualified for the finals, I cheered on him the most. He won the BMX contest last year but this year he had to leave with the 6th place. He did an awful mistake by trying to grind on a rail which nobody else was brave enough to try. He fell twice and that was enough for Larry Edgar to claim the win.

BMX Street

 BMX Park

Kayli, Hanna & I

We went home on Monday and before leaving the capital city, I saw my old friend Erli. It's important to mention here because she's the one who has encouraged me and left me a really positive and motivational feedback about my blog. We had a small chat and it definately made my weekend even better to see another friendly face after all.
Now, the last thing - vlog. Mark made a rad video of the weekend. Check it out!!

Mark Drõgin Production


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