Monday, February 6, 2017


"Creativity takes courage." - Henri Matisse

Days are going by so fast and by now, I should've posted at least 2 posts. Well, I'm not gonna go into detail about what I've been up to lately because the post would be massive then.
I just returned home from Simple Session 17 in Tallinn. I'm going to share my impressions about the event in the next post because we just arrived and I'd like to rest at first.
There is one thing I forgot to mention in the previous post - my blog's birthday. My blog is now a year older and shows no signs of stopping. I know 1 year isn't much but it's still quite special I like to think.


Our folk dance group was reviewed the other day to see if we are ready to dance at the 12th Estonian youth song and dance celebration in the summer. That went well but can't say the same thing about my research work. I've worked so hard on my grades lately, I'm trying to get as many 5s as possible but the research work literally flew into pieces. Let's just hope that we can fix this with our group. Furthermore, because of Merili's huge love against animals, we've visited a local dog shelter a few times with her. It's heartwarming to see so many friendly faces in one place.

Two great buddies of mine

But going back to the school topic. As you know, I can't paint. I'm not talented but my art's teacher invited me and my friend Mark to pose for the artists of our school. We had to sit still for 1,5h and it wasn't an easy task to do. Can't wait to see the results tho!

@ art atelier

Like I said, this is only a short update post. Wait for the next one - #SIMPLESESSION17 !

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