Monday, February 20, 2017


"I know what I've done for music, but don't call me a legend. Just call me Miles Davis." - Miles Davis

It's another school holiday, yay! At least it should be but it doesn't seem like one for me. I'm going to Tallinn University of Technology on Monday. I want to try out the life as a university student and because of that I'm going to follow a business information technology student for a day. More about that in the next post.4
I've been trying to get more alone time lately. Everyone on the Net have gone crazy about the upcoming season of Stranger Things and about a week ago I had no idea what this TV show was about so I gave it a try. I watched the first season and it was way more interesting that I expected. The science fiction takes place in the 80s and now I understand why everyone was so hyped about the next season - I can't wait either! Furthermore, I continued to watch a series about criminal law and justice - How to Get Away with Murder. These are the two shows I've spent most of my spare time with.

Stranger Things

Besides the anti-social life I've been living now, I visited my granny with my sister and also visited Viljandi's best local cafe Legend with my friends couple of times. One night when I was just casually watching my shows, my classmate Triin messaged me that she needs a lift with her own car. As always I was trying to do the right thing and went to Legend and sat down for a few minutes and then drove the girls home. The benefit I gained from this action was Triin's car. After I drove everyone home, Triin borrowed her car and because it's way more comfortable vehicle than mine, I picked up Merili and we cruised for a couple of hours, even had a late dinner outside the town. It's really nice to attend live concerts at Legend from time to time, especially on schooldays to have a break from studying.

Lens flare 

With Silver and Kristjan at Legend 

Legend - picture taken by Silver Tõnisson


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