Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Light & Power

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas A. Edison

I have so many thoughts crammed in to my head. First of all, school is about to end so I'm constantly thinking about exams and what I should be doing next. Whether should I go to the Defence Forces or university next, I'm not sure yet. Yesterday, I visited Tallinn University of Technology with Kermo and the event that took place in there that day helped me to clear my head a little bit. I have three major choices for my Bachelor studies. The first one is Electrical Power Engineering and Mechatronics which I'm afraid is too damn difficult for me. I love physics but it's not one of my strongest sides. I want to deal with energy problems in future and especially I'd like to make progress with green energy technology. That's where my second choice seems to fit in - Environmental, energy and chemical engineering. It's more about sustainable energy but still the first one manages to impress me more. The third option is Business Information Technology. That's my oldest choice and a year ago I was certain that this would be my choice, now it seems a bit boring for me. Anyway, the day was great. We walked around the campus, had a chat with some students and met up with our other friends.

@ Tallinn University of Technology

BEST Estonia 

If there is Kermo, there is light and power

Because of these delicious pizzas, we were almost late for our second lecture

BMW i3 - unfortunately, test drive wasn't an option

Last week, it was my teacher's birthday and as we brought him a cake last year, we wanted to celebrate the birthday this year with eating too because then we don't have to do math. Ain got 43 but when someone asked how old he is then he answered that he's having his 18th birthday's 25th anniversary party.

43 - ain't Ironic?

Well, my weekend was rad. I had a choir camp and besides singing, we had sauna and many more "activities". Sauna was awesome - we sang and after first round of sauna, we wanted to go swimming but we didn't see the ice at first and Lars fell right onto it. It was crazy! The following morning our conductor/teacher told us that we were too quiet at night, she was worried if we partied at all. Well, she wasn't in the same house as we were.


 Musicians Lars and Triinu


Agnes with her fish sticks and ketchup


Furthermore, I visited my hometown's new cinema with my friend Ketter. We watched Get out and it was okay, casual thriller in my opinion. Mark arrived from Austria and brought me Austrian beer. I watched a series called Harley and the Davidsons. The intro song in there was amazing - listen it and have a great day.

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