Saturday, March 11, 2017

Top notch

"The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long." - Lao Tzu

It's really weird to think that high school is almost over. Right now it's pretty much my last term with real classes and stuff. A month or so and I'll already have exams frightening me. Anyway, the point I wanted to reach here was that the main reason I haven't posted recently is my desire to focus on my studies more. It's almost over, it's scary. But still, self-centered as I am, I'm going to write this post and you're gonna hear a lots of me-talking as always.
Football section: Champions League - Barcelona vs PSG. The game was awesome. I was at Merili's watching the game and for fun predicted the match to end with 6-1 with Barcelona winning. It really happened. Barca lost their previous match to PSG 0-4 and the comeback was just fantastic. 2 penalties, 1 freekick and the final finishing touch by Sergi Roberto - top notch.

Barcelona - PSG

Now some school topics. Like I said before, school is kinda my main sh*t right now. I've been studying physics mainly but a few days ago we had a career day at school. We had to pick three workshops. I'm gonna talk about the last workshop which was my favorite. It was about selling books in the US - Southwestern Advantage (first picture in the post). I've always admired people who's main goal is to succeed in life, do as much as they can with their "limited" time. They talked about budgeting, setting goals and making difficult decisions. Three of us including me got a gift for being active at the lecture. The gift was a book "Rikkaks saamise õpik" by Jaak Roosaare (in Eng. "Getting rich handbook"). I'm already familiar with the content of the book because I've read a similar writing by a different author but I'll look into that masterpiece soon too.

I'd like to thank the two lecturers Rait and Sander for this amazing gift

Basics of nuclear physics

Even though I didn't want to talk much about my social life in this post, I still need to mention that my friend Kristo threw one hell of a birthday party yesterday. The moment we gave Kristo his wonderful present with Kermo, we saw how delightful the little birthday boy was. The gift was a drunkard's starter pack - we only wish you well, Kristo!


  1. Sa oled üks esimestest, keda uuel õppeaastal seoses SWga approachitakse, pane end valmis!