Thursday, April 27, 2017


"Study as if you were going to live forever; live as if you were going to die tomorrow." - Maria Mitchell

Exam time! Recently I had a national exam in Estonian and I have no idea how did I do but I hope the results will be over 70% because Estonian is not my strongest suit(math is!). A week ago or so I was chilling with my friends and at one point we decided to play Monopoly. That one point was 1 a.m and we finished the game after 4 a.m and I won. It was my first time to play Monopoly till the end and I loved it. I wonder why I didn't have winning a Monopoly match on my bucket list. I attended my friend Elerin's birthday party too and it was cool!


Laura, Kaido, Caspar, Simon, Mark and I, Kristel takin the pic

Also, I passed the medical for Defense Forces and therefore it's now a sure thing that in October I'm going to join Defense Forces and serve 8 months before I go to university.
We celebrated our final official schoolday in a traditional high school way. Everyone dressed up like kids and behaved like first-graders. Furthermore, we made a video about our class IIIMF (III mathematics-physics) - check it out for sure, even though it's in Estonian. After that we had a huge "Project X"-a-like party with my fellow 12th graders - it was lit. The following day I had a cross-country race but I had to forfeit the race because my health is rebelling against me. Because of that I have to cancel two races I had planned up in April and May...

My class and our favorite teacher

 Juhan, Kevin, Karlis, Peeter and I - the sQuAd

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