Monday, April 10, 2017


"Turns out Picasso's passion for uncertainty, mystery, and the thrill of life never ended." - Jerry Saltz

Okay, first sentence. All of the sudden, I had a trip to Austria. However, I'm not gonna talk about why or how I went there because I have a huge post coming up where I describe the whole trip. By huge I mean the longest post in my blog so far so get READY! I made this post because it's almost 3 weeks since the last post. In this one, I'm gonna talk about what I've been doing since I got back from Austria.

My classmates @KUMU 

Lone ranger in Bastion tunnels

I had to catch up with my studying which went perfect - aced my physics and history test. Now, I have a few things still to do but I'm slowly starting to be paranoid about the upcoming exams. I also had a small trip to my capital with my class. We visited KUMU museum and Bastion tunnels. Furthermore, I had a math mock exam today and I don't know the results yet but I'm only satisfied if I get over 90%. I have to study hard right now and this post was just a small update to say I'm still here. Peace!

Henri with his old lad 

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