Sunday, May 21, 2017

Helmet & 29"

"We rise by lifting others." - Robert Ingersoll

School is pretty much over yet I don't have too much free time in my hands. It's a good thing though since it doesn't make me excessively bored.
Starting off with my factory fresh bike - I got myself a new mighty new ride and I already had a chance to test it at Velokulg 2017. Some of you may know the event, those who don't feel free to review my post from last year by clicking HERE. Back then I didn't have my very own bike which is why I couldn't participate but I volunteered for the event instead. This year I cruised along the whole route with my friends and it was awesome. By the way, big up Mariel and Mark for taking these cool photos at the event.

 "Helmet!" - Those who've seen 13 Reasons Why can relate.

 Call us maybe?



Fun times aside, I have been working too. I and my classmate Sander held a 3-day programming workshop for primary school students. The course was beneficial for both us and the prospects because the feedback we got was 100% positive. I learned that teaching and helping the youth really loads me with positive vibes because it's a unique way to return the favor to the community. We had eleven students and everyone understood the necessity of programming well, all of them were determined and motivated. I would like to thank Viljandi Gymnasium for letting us use a classroom, Ltd. Cleveron for supporting us financially and Erik Rebane who was there to take photos and compile a short video of the event. I wish to arrange something like this again in near future.

Day 1

 Giving the help we can

It wasn't easy for the kids but they managed

 Focused on making their games

 Testing out

Final day with almost everyone in the picture


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