Thursday, May 18, 2017


"We don't stop going to school when we graduate." - Carol Burnett

Graduation is around the corner. Actually, I have to wait over a month to get my exam results and high school diploma. The math exam went almost perfect, I'm expecting over 90% for sure because I only had one tiny mistake. In overall, I feel great about the exams. The photos that are made in school are taken by Merlin Kuld.

Checking whether we got the same answers or not with Agnes

Natural teaching pose

However, I've had some fun too. After math exam I went out with some of my friends and we chilled around the town. At one point we came up with a plan to play tourists (bucket list!) and it ended up hilarious. First, we went to an expensive hotel and pretended to be russian tourists so we started to talk in English with a russian accent, then we went into a casino and when they asked our ID's we told them that we thought it was a hotel or sth and finally we visited a strip club to ask if they're serving any food in there. We just fooled around and I haven't had this kinda fun for a long time. Furthermore, a few days ago we had a small BBQ at Kaido's with my lads. Mark took some nice pics too so I can share the mood with you. And moreover, my days and nights have been full of activity thanks to my classmates with who I've spent much spare time now. Even though we don't have any classes anymore, we still go and play basketball next to our schoolhouse.


No gas, no party 

Looking towards the horizon with Caspar and Kermo

I haven't talked much about my family in the blog but that's because I still try to keep some of my privacy. However, I can talk little about how I spent the mother's day. We bought a cake and tickets to cinema with my brother and then surprised our mom. The day was delightful.

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