Sunday, June 25, 2017


"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." - Milton Berle

It's the end of high school. I'm really glad but sad at the same time. Of course I'm thrilled about college but I never get to study in high school again, this road has been paved.
I consider myself quite analytical person because I try to think everything through and then foresee possible outcomes. I'm also ambitious and even though high school grades don't matter very much, I still forced myself to take my sh*t together in the final year to make my grades look like I've been studying all the time. At the beginning of 12th grade I wrote down my most probable final grades in the first column and possible final grades if I worked really hard in the second column.
Finally, I get to see the results of my hard work. I improved the scores of 4 subjects but 6 was needed to get the maximum possible results. I'm fully satisfied with my effort. So what were my expectations and what was the real score? I predicted that the most probable average would be 4.3 but it would be possible to increase it to 4.7 if I fixed 6 subjects. As I fixed 4 subjects, my real score or average came 4.6 which is absolutely fantastic. I got my sh*t together even though my classmates poked fun at me due that. About the exams, my mission was to get 70% in Estonian exam, 80% in English exam and 90% in mathematics exam. I totally exceeded my expectations as I scored 89% in Estonian, 95% in English and 99% in mathematics exam. And damn, that one mistake I made in maths exam was so stupid I'm still mad at myself.

Mi familia

2014 vs 2017 - Hell of a journey

Gym Squad (and Erik)

With my granny

My main photographer Ketter

The final celebration took place in local theatre Ugala. Actually it still doesn't feel like I graduated or sth, the change hasn't hit me yet. The graduation celebration was awesome. I never thought that so many friends and relatives would come to congratulate me but I was wrong. The feeling and atmosphere was fantastic. I have many photos of the event which is great because I never want to forget these unique moments.

Homeboy K

Surrounded by my sweet relatives

Proud mom and my bro

I don't have friends, I got family

Fellow graduates Keili and Adeliina

Blogger & rebel

I would also like to say a few words about my class - IIIMF (III Mathematics-physics). Our phenomenal teacher Ain and 26 students. In overall, this class was full of sarcastic jokes, soft mocking and verbal sparring. It may seem like I didn't like my class but actually these are the three things I adored about it. It definitely strengthened my social skills as not caring about what other people think about me and being straightforward myself. I'm going to miss all these hilarious physics classes, betting with Peeter and Karlis over our test results and going to gym after school with our gym squad Günther, Sander and Danel. We had our last official "School's out!" party with the whole pack (actually everyone except two guys!!). Even our teacher came to our party, it was fun as hell. The following day I had no time to rest because it was St John's Day which is celebrated with bonfire and staying up all night. Kermo, Maria, Marek, Roven, Juhan and I were invited by Brigita to her country house by the sea in Kabli to have a blast together. We went to sauna and afterwards checked out the local bonfire party which was amusing, especially the DJ and a few drunkards. Anyway, my emotions are on fire right now and I'm getting ready for a week in Tallinn again and secretly planning some crazy things which I wanna do this summer without telling the others first.

@Kabli beach

Having a blast


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