Thursday, July 6, 2017


"Patriotism is the secret resource of a successful society. " - Michael Ignatieff

Am I going to stay? Yes, I'm going to travel but in the end, I will end up living in Estonia I'm certain. "Mina jään" ("I stay") was the main quote for the song and dance festival I took part in last week. The week I spent in Tallinn at the 2017 Youth Song and Dance Celebration was LIT. Firstly, I didn't wanna go because I thought it was gonna be exhausting and boring. For sure it was exhausting but it was an experience of a lifetime. I was so wrong at first and I'm glad that some individuals convinced me to come. The days were tough, we had to fight with both sunny and rainy weather, we woke up early and went to bed late. We had 3 performances but one was cancelled due to bad weather but thanks to that the most memorable thing happened. Young participants, like me, organized an event a Freedom Square and noone expected that there would be so many people in there. The feeling was amazing, it felt special because it wasn't fully planned, it made me feel like we proved our worthy of our country's freedom again. Many cried because of happiness and if you were there, you would understand. Most of the pictures aren't taken by me and I have no idea who made them so if one claims his or her work, I may take them down.

I stay 

No weather could've stopped us 


 @ Freedom Square

It's fantastic to write about these moments I had because I get to relive everything

Anyway it was splendid to dance with my dance partner Maarja and befriend many new people like Anett with who I and Maarja spent much time together. Also I "re-met" Karl who was in a volleyball training with me a few years ago. I hadn't seen him a long time and it was nice to have a nice singing circle with him playing ukulele while beatboxing and the others singing. I spent lots of time with my dance group too, for example with Sander and Helen. Went out to discover Tallinn's Old Town with Keili, Kunnar and their friends - amazing. Actually, the craziest night was the one we had with Kunnar. We went out to meet up with our choir buddies (we both sing too yes) and drank maybe too many beers in a bar, afterwards I talked with some random Germans, we met up with Kunnar's relative Mari-Liis and her friend Johanna and they somehow tried to introduce some shady locations in the Old Town.. Anyway, the night was crazy-fun.

Late sunset 


When we finished with our last performance, it was really emotional to see several people cry. Maarja was such a great partner and I hope we can dance together in future too (in university for example). I had a nice evening with Anett the last night we spent in Tallinn. It would've been even more cooler if we weren't forced to go back to our safehouse so early.. The song celebration wasn't as epic as the dance celebration but it was cool to see so many people listening. I never thought I would feel myself so patriotic as I do now.

Maarja, Anett, Sander, Helen & I 

Good luck, Sander 

Youth Song Celebration

When I came home, I had a 12-hour sleep which my organism really needed. My friend Härold got 18 and had a small BBQ with his friends. I couldn't hold up there too long because I had to work the following day and currently I love my job. More to come!


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