Sunday, July 16, 2017


"Success/failure in an academic setting often doesn't translate well to success/failure on the job."

The main reason I haven't posted lately is that I'm fully focused on working right now. I managed to get a position as a sales representative and I love it because I get to practice my social skills and see very different people. It's also great because I choose when I work, therefore it improves my self-discipline and the ambitious side of me can finally rise and shine. I'm planning to work until I go to Defense Forces in October.

No, that's not the job I was talking about - working at home with my bro

About my academic status, I'm now a student of Tallinn University of Technology. However, I'm going to really start studying next year because I have to serve 8 months in the Forces first. The hardest part was to choose what I'm going to study for the following 3 or 4 years. The choices were Business Information Technology & Electrical Power Engineering/Mechatronics - it wasn't an easy choice, I asked my friends and family, analyzed myself where I'd fit the best in future, looked up for possible career options, etc. Finally, I went with the second choice.

Thank you, EBS!

What else? There was a video contest organized by Estonian Business School which I chose to took part in with my friend Erik. The name of the contest was Entrepreneurial DNA and we had to answer some questions about entrepreneurship in a 1-minute video. Cool thing was that we started making the video a day before the deadline and somehow got 2nd place. We won 2 WEEKEND Festival tickets and I get to study in EBS's Open University for free (6 ECTS). I'm telling, next year is going to have a lots of self-improvement and studying. Now that I'm writing this post, I'm realizing all that. I already feel the exhaustion hitting me.

What makes me enterprising?

About the fun part, we had a small party with our friends this weekend. Not much to talk about it - typical drinking and eating contest as always.. Therefore, a great friend of mine Kristel took some marvelous photos. Check out her Facebook (pahkelphoto) and Instagram (@pahkelphoto)!

 Peeter, Kristo & I - #paegrill

Raiko's successful attempt to get into my blog

Peeter ruining the picture x) 

Not sure which one of us photobombed

All of you who fancy the music from the previous century, I have something special for you. I found this Youtube channel called Postmodern Jukebox. They cover trending new music and make these songs groovy, classy, oldish & golden. Check them out and I'm sure you'll fall in love with these masterpieces.

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