Monday, August 7, 2017


"A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth." - Charles Darwin

WEEKEND Festival was lit! The three days I spent in Pärnu were amazing. At first, I didn't really wanna go because like I said in the last post "this isn't my kinda music" and I would've preferred sleeping instead of dancing. These thoughts were in my head before everything cool happened in Pärnu that made me change my mind.

Put your hands up!

Day 1 - Karlis, Erik and I took a ride to our crib in Pärnu. The place we stayed at was the same as last year so huge thanks to our so to speak "landlords". We did everything we could to show our appreciation and thankfulness - check out the photos. We met up with some of our friends (as well as Günther who stayed with us last year) and we enjoyed the event together. The performer I liked the most on the first day was Don Diablo. The guy really knew how to speak with the crowd and that's what I expect from every DJ. I also met up with Mari-Liis (goood friend from Saku) and when at one point our group was huge, suddenly everyone split up. Finally, I was with Karlis who was drunk as hell so I had to babysit him. We met up with Günther and still had to offer him a place to stay because he couldn't get in to the place he was staying. We called Erik a couple of times to have him as our taxi driver which of he wasn't too happy about (he was already sleeping). Fortunately, we got home.

With Karlis - Work hard, party harder!

Day 2 started really slow. We had some extra people coming to join us from Viljandi and we had to wait for them because otherwise they couldn't had got into the safehouse. When Merily, Agnes, Merilyn and Annika arrived we still had to stay put because you know, girls.. Even though we missed Chainsmokers, we managed to see Tungevaag & Raaban. Weather that day was awful and therefore the only performance I attended after that was Deadmau5 which was fine but I hoped it to be way more awesome than it actually was. However, I was probably just too tired to enjoy the party 100%.

 From left to right, Merilyn, me giving Merily a piggyback ride, Annika, Agnes and Karlis squatting in the front

Blazing red lights

On the third day we had our group enlarged again with Peeter having a ticket for the last day. We went out for breakfast and after that arrived just in time for Cartoon live. Well this set was the best one in my opinion. They didn't just play some monotonous beat like most of the DJs but songs from different genres, even turned the event patriotic for a few minutes with Ivo Linna's "Eestlane olen ja eestlaseks jään" (in Eng. "I am Estonian and I will remain Estonian"). And of course Martin Garrix was my second favorite that day, it's just that if it comes to partying and listening to EDM, he's the prince of that music genre.

Tried to take a group photo and all of the sudden we had many new friends - our actual group is on the top row 

Anyway, the whole festival was great. Most of the marvelous pictures were taken by Erik (so he's the one who's behind the camera all the time) and most of the selfies are under girls' ownership. I love the group we spent time with, so many amazing people at the festival, so what can I say - until next year I guess! (Now I can continue to watch Sons of Anarchy before going back to work.) x)

Snaps that bring these amazing moments back


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