Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cardboards & Submarines

"Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds." - George Eliot

Well, well, well. Another week or so has passed by and my friends from Viljandi are still thinking that I'm only partying in university. I can prove the opposite, for example when I started writing this post I was in library and I studied 3 hours straight, be proud. It's great to write some actual text sometimes over the numbers and programming languages I'm used to at school.

Okay, we party sometimes too (next to me is Sten, the one I'm afraid who claims my blog's biggest hater title)

So far, I've spent most of my weekends in my hometown. Last weekend, I spent time with my best friends and my family. Because my brother insisted, I bought the new FIFA and after that we went out to eat lunch (Hesburger), it was lit. Furthermore met up with my pals and gals. Viljandi is a quiet town and we just chilled and played football in the middle of the street - it was awesome. Merili and I also found a new way to reduce the stress level that sometimes initiates after socializing. We found some cardboard boxes and we drew faces of people we didn't like on them and after that just freakin tore everything apart - IT FELT GREAAAT! You can see the before and after pics below.



Buuut there is MORE - the upcoming Budapest trip, my birthday (hell yeah, I'm going to start my twenties soon!). I'm going to Budapest tomorrow and I'm quite nervous but I'm sure it's gonna be great. Furthermore, I'm going to throw my 20th birthday soon so stay tuned for the next two posts.
I know this wasn't one of my best posts but I know how to make it even. Just listen this..

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