Saturday, November 18, 2017

Blossom out

"Yes I'm tired of all this talking 'cause everything you hear is empty words." - Blossom, Milky Chance

Another long period of time since the last post. Well, maybe I really have motivation problems lately but the thing is I don't have any free tiiiime. School is keeping me busy, I'm trying to get myself into entrepreneurship (maybe you'll hear about it soon!) and I started watching Stranger Things and The 100 TV shows again. 
I took a whole weekend to study and do my chores. I'm currently doing my programming homework, now that I ran into some bug I can't seem to fix I decided to write a blog post instead. I also have to write a motivational letter to attend a course abroad in spring and I found an essay competition which I wanna take part in - so I have too fu**ing much to do. 
Well, the previous things I wrote above were my doings lately, now or near future. But as I haven't posted for a while again then I have several moments I wanna share with you and my future self.
Firstly, one evening when I decided to have a sit-down with my friends from Viljandi, the girls (Kristel, Mariel and Merili) decided they wanted to make the guys a little less masculine. To do that, the put some make up on us, by us I mean my great friend Peeter and I.


Secondly, one day Mark came to visit me in Tallinn and we went shopping (didn't buy anything tho) and afterwards had some beers and a pizza. It was cool and the waitress at the diner was really beautiful (should've asked her name)!


I'm starting to get used to living in the capital, I've made many new friends and acquaintances and we're living the real uni-life with our hometown squad in here. Toomas Erik out!

Found some selfies so I thought why not put these in the post

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