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Choosing To Be Religious Or Not By Being Well Or Being Aware

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Religion is good for us but at the same time it's bad for us? It's making us live longer but die stupider. Before you love or hate religion, see what you value.

I'm not a religious person. I find it a bit dumb but admirable to follow a religion. I grew up in Estonia which is known for being one of the least religious countries in the world. For me it seems normal to be an atheist. My family and most of my friends are not believing in some superhuman either, so surprise-surprise I grew up not following the words of God as well.

I acknowledge that God or Gods were created to make people united. Religion was created to answer the questions which couldn't be answered scientifically. How do you make a poor peasant work hard if you can't make him rich or treat his sore back? You feed him some hopes and rules which were allegedly created by some superhuman from his birth until his death.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate religion. I still admire it but it makes people ignorant as well. You get these answers about death or afterlife from an old book written by a person you don't know. Okay, this maybe sounded harsh and I know it's not that simple but if you believe that after death you go to Heaven without having any proof then it's ignorant. You accept it because you like the idea of being in control. You like the fact that there's an happy ending. You don't just wanna get stroke and die. The same with Hollywood movies, they usually end well. That's why they're so popular.

Following a religion might be ignorant but it's good for your health. It lowers your stress levels for sure. If you have answers to your questions about meaning of life, you're definitely less stressed. Therefore, you probably live longer and get that stroke later (with a smile on your face because you're going to Heaven).

But what the hell am I saying with this post? I'm saying that following a religion is making your healthier at the expense of awareness. Religion deletes some part of your awareness. It gives you the answers without proof and you believe it because you want to feel in control of your own life.

"Religion deletes some part of your awareness."

I, myself, value awareness and wisdom the most. That's why I don't follow any religion but I respect people who do because probably well-being is one of their top values. Therefore, following a religion is smart move for them. You choose what you value. I just personally don't value being well as much as being aware.

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