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Click As An Advancement Of One's Personality

I define my life's greatest mindset adjustments as clicks. It's vital to learn from your bad memories to improve yourself.

Click is a learning point or an advancement of a personality. Clicks in life come up and change you. It always adds something to you as a person. It's up to you to extract these clicks. You can either fall into a deep depression or learn from a tough click. I, myself, have had five major clicks in life. Whether, they have been tough or not, I'm glad that they took place because these clicks have shaped me to who I am right now.

My clicks in life

GROWING UP - By the time flies, I grow and develop

5 years old - it's my birthday party and my stepfather gave me a racing track toy kit as a gift. We played and he always won, my car kept crashing off the tracks continuously. I remember this because it made me realize when people are older, they know more. Therefore, at that time I thought older people were always smarter than me. However, now I conclude from this click that older people may be wiser (mostly) but they aren't always smarter than me. They have just had more chances of learning.

DEATH - I will die one day

7-9 years old - I was at my grandma's, looking at a TV while eating tangerines. There was a movie I was watching where an astronaut died in open space. All of a sudden I felt sick. I was scared I was dying because there was not enough air in the room. Actually, there wasn't anything wrong with me but it was like a mini panic attack. In addition to that, my father had died some time ago then. It was the realization of mortality. Consciousness and present aren't eternal. When I was younger, because of this click I was scared of diseases. Now I've accepted death but I try to live my life as fully as possible.

ME, MYSELF & I - I need to fit out, not fit in

15-16 years old - it was at the end of primary school when I started to care less about what other people think. I was bullied for most of my primary school years and I tried to fit in with the others by not studying and trying to make people feel sorry for me. Thankfully, I realized that this plan was shit. When I realized that after all these years and accepted that I can't fit in, my social skills improved drastically and I was the cool nerd.

AMBITION - Self-development is the key for my success

18-19 years old - I remember this period starting in the summer before the final year of high school. It was hitting me that when I'm finishing high school, I need to do something with my life. I didn't want to end up poor and work on a job that I didn't love. I was looking into investing, discovering different universities and attended courses to improve myself. I studied the hardest that school year and worked part-time. I tried working on different jobs - from programming teacher for primary school to door-to-door salesman. This self-discovery guided me into studying engineering in university and this character trait of ambition is the foundation of my two startups.

PROBLEM=LEARNING - Problems are actually fucking awesome if I learn from them

21 years old - I moved in with my fellow-founders of our startup. Three guys living under the same roof is sometimes annoying but mostly for us, it's productive and educating. Three rational and ambitious men. As I'm the youngest of the squad, I'd say I've learned the most. I went through an emotional breakdown for the first time in my life and thanks to this environment, I decided to leave this emotional crap behind and stay rational. Instantly, I saw how this breakdown was a good thing for me. I realized I need to have problems and issues in life to learn and improve.

I can't wait to learn from my next click. Come at me, I ain't scared.

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