• Toomas Erik Anijärv

We Are Stupid As Fuck, Blame Your Smartphone

We are not smarter than our ancestors, we just have more ways of getting information. We are forgetting how to store information in our own minds.

While time goes by, you don't remember what happened around you while you surf that Facebook feed

Our brains aren't getting better, we aren't getting more intelligent - it's an illusion we have because of the technology we have around us. We haven't evolved but our ability of creativity and laziness have helped us to develop technology which helps us to act "smarter".

Nowadays people don't know much, we are just good at finding the information we need. Can you imagine yourself living in an age where you had to listen to your father how to work on the fields? Whatever the father back then said was true, there were no other right answers. It's a bit more difficult now. Your parents tell you that you need to go to school but you have thousands of articles on the Internet which prove that education dulls our minds. Does it make us smarter than our parents then? No.

Neurolink - a company ran by Elon Musk - is about connecting a tiny chip to our brain so we could access information from Internet instantly. We already have this concept used with our smartphones. Neurolink is just an another advancement of technology which makes our lives easier (even if this one might fuck up humanity the way we are used to it right now). Without this extension to our brain, we are as dumb as people were let's say 2000 years ago. We haven't evolved, maybe even our brains have lost capacity to memorize things.

People back then had to memorize a lot more than we do know. They had to do that to survive. We on the other hand can be lazy. When a person didn't know that a wild animal can kill you in ancient times, then natural selection did its job. Nowadays communities support those in need and natural selection only works some way only in poorer countries. I'm not saying that supporting those who need is a bad thing but it definitely isn't good on some level.

We are losing our memorizing abilities because of the technology we have created. We are lazy and we have so much information coming on and on. We don't have a filter which prioritizes important and unimportant information evolved in our brain yet. Homo sapiens needs to evolve another few thousand years to have it in biologically. We can program it definitely earlier. Hell, we have programmed it already - Instagram and Facebook ladies and gentlemen.

We don't have a filter which prioritizes important and unimportant information evolved in our brain yet.

All the pictures we post on our social media, we remember the posts but we are used to remember only visual things. We don't remember memories we don't capture that well. You probably don't remember your life moments if you don't have a photo or video of them. We have gone too visual. Try to memorize a random event for example, the last time you hugged someone. It's not easy and for me I start to see them images of graduation in my head.

I just feel that we definitely depend too much on technology but it's just the way it goes. Our abilities to create new things that make our lives easier is in our nature. Next time you ride a bus on any other public transport, don't take your phone out and look out the window and all the people around you - be present for a while.

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