Toomas Erik Anijärv

Research Assistant @ Thompson Institute, UniSC.


I am a biomedical engineer with interests in neuroscience and neurotechnology. I recently obtained a Master’s degree in Medical Technology and Physics from TalTech University in Estonia and currently work as a research assistant at the Thompson Institute of University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia :australia:.

My current research interests include examining different electroencephalography (EEG) methods as biomarkers for depression, suicidality, ageing, and cognition. Most of my EEG-related code for signal processing and analysis can be found on my GitHub as EEG-pyline: EEG pipeline in Python. Furthermore, I am eager to learn more about other neuroimaging methods (e.g., fMRI, MRS, MEG, NIRS), neuromodulation (e.g., TMS, TDCS, DBS), machine/deep learning, and neuroscience in general. I’ve also created a Python package HLR - Hierarchical Linear Regression which allows researchers to perform hierarchical regression with ease in Python using Pandas dataframes.

Besides my active involvement with neuroscience and biomedical engineering, I am interested in brain ageing and longevity research, history, and space exploration.

The next milestone in my career is doing a PhD. Thereby, I am actively looking for a project for my upcoming PhD journey. :nerd_face:


Feb 24, 2023 Developed and published a Python package ‘HLR - Hierarchical Linear Regression’. Available on GitHub and PyPI. :sweat_smile: :computer:
Feb 15, 2023 Published an article in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology about EEG spectral changes during 6-week ketamine treatment in suicidal adults. :black_nib: :book:
Jan 20, 2023 Successfully defended my thesis and obtained a Master’s degree in Medical Technology and Physics with ‘cum laude’ (GPA 4.73/5.00) from TalTech University. :mortar_board:

selected publications

  1. Spectral changes of EEG following a 6-week low-dose oral ketamine treatment in adults with major depressive disorder and chronic suicidality
    T. E. Anijärv*, A. T. Can*, C. C. Gallay, G. A. Forsyth, M. Dutton, J. S. Mitchell, D. F. Hermens, and J. Lagopoulos
    International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 2023