Everyone's a whore. We just sell different parts of ourselves.

I sell my mind.

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Who am I?

I have no idea who I am. Seriously, I'm 21 years old and hoping that I'm doing not everything wrong in my life. Every day I'm trying to calculate the perfect algorithm between chaos and order. To achieve that, I study engineering in university, run two startups and write shit.

Leadership Teamwork Mechatronics Management Design Marketing  Writing Social Media Event Organizing

Current Missions

I started my undergraduate studies in TalTech University in 2017. My goal is to get a full understanding how mechanical and electronic systems work together, therefore I chose to study mechatronics. After I graduate, I'll use the academic smarts to apply for my future projects.

RepArtist is an online platform for starting musicians and event organizers. The platform aims to make collaboration easy and feature the hidden gems of music industry. I co-founded the company a year ago and I've developed management, teamwork, marketing, event organizing and social media skills drastically.

An Estonian company Cleveron had an electric bicycle competition which I decided to put a team together and create an electric bamboo bike. Our bike won the crowd's favorite title and now this project has advanced to a startup phase where we are producing new bikes and selling them. This project perfects my skills of leadership, design, management and teamwork.

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