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Who am I?

I like to call myself a multipotentialite because I'm always having too many projects on my hands and even more ideas on my mind. Every day I'm trying to find the perfect algorithm between chaos and order. Why, you ask? Because I study engineering in university, run a startup and still feel like I'm not pushing myself enough.


Entrepreneurship Leadership Sales Marketing Management

3D Modeling Programming Data Science Machine Learning

Visual Design Writing 

Current Missions

I started my studies in TalTech University in 2017. So far, I have a Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics. Currently, I am pursuing a Master's in Medical Technology & Physics to gain knowledge in biosignal analysis and neurology. After I graduate, I'll use the academic smarts to apply for my future projects. is an online platform for music career development. It aims to make collaboration between musicians and organizers easy. I co-founded the company in the summer of 2018 and I've developed my social and creative skills drastically by being responsible for sales, content and design.

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Triumf Health has developed an award-winning health game to enhance the behavioural health of pediatric patients - an app which improves mental health for children. Starting off as taking responsibility in marketing, I also am planning to put my machine learning skills into use.

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